How to use a payday loan to your advantage

I once had to take out a loan because my paycheck had been short due to a few sick days I had taken. I needed $400 to pay rent, and I needed it now (my landlord sucked and wouldn’t give me an extension). So I decided to try out a payday loan since my credit card was pretty much maxed at that time. I wasn’t entirely sure how it worked, so I called ahead of time, gathered up all of my papers, and brought them to the payday loan place up the street. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted, but the girl at the desk seemed to think I needed double that amount. Long story short, I ended up leaving the place because they were trying to push more money than I could actually afford to payback. The second place I went tried to sign me up for some sort of debit card that they would then load the money onto. This didn’t actually sound that bad; in fact I thought it was convenient at the time since they hadn’t yet told me about the fee attached to the card. After almost taking out the loan, she explained that there was not only a monthly fee (something like 5$) but that there was also a transaction fee every time I used the card, not to mention the dozen other hidden fees. That meant that on top of 21%, I was to pay monthly and transaction fees with my loan. I laughed and walked away. At this point I was running low on options, and that’s when I saw Accessible Cash Payday Loans. I looked it up and found a bunch of great reviews, but I figured that it wasn’t likely that any payday loan company would actually try and help me. I went in and spoke with the girl at the desk (not talking through bullet proof glass was nice). I applied, and asked for a $400 loan. The weirdest thing happened; I got exactly what I asked for… No hidden fees or stupid cards. So I took the loan, paid my rent, and then paid the loan back the following week when I got my paycheck. Just like that, I found somewhere that was actually willing to help me without sticking their hand too deep in my pocket; AND I wasn’t forced to re-borrow since my paycheck wasn’t completely devoured by the loan payback. In fact, from time to time I still use Accessible Cash to help me pay for unexpected expenses. They say that the third time’s the charm; Accessible Cash was that charm.