Surviving on of minimum wage

In life, nothing is certain but death, and taxes. For most of us, minimum wage will also be a reality of life as we know it. This means most of us will experience the feeling of being “broke”.

Although this is a sad reality, it is something we must learn to cope and deal with. The fact that people aren’t willing to change their spending habits according to their wage is why minimum wage is seen as “not enough.” As a minimum wage employee, finding financial happiness is bound to be a maze (a very large one). This means that finding your happy place is going to require you to do one of two things or both. Your first option is to find a source of extra income through either a hobby, or a second job. Your second option would be to make the most out of the income that you are already making. This means price matching (take a look at our previous blog for a complete guide) and other ‘life hacks’ (look it up on Google) that can eventually save you a fortune in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re considering taking the second job approach, take a look at a field that is low-stress and is in high demand (i.e. fast food, retail). This means that the likelihood of you getting the job is high, while your chances of becoming over worked are low. If you’re really looking to get out of earning the bare minimums, consider working two full-time jobs for a limited amount of time. By doing this, you are able to bank a large amount of money in short amount of time.You can then quit your second job once you have reached the goal you set as the reason for getting the additional income you needed. This will aid you in your survival, and save you from stressing while working for minimum wage.

Remember, when people say minimum wage is going up… prices on almost everything are going up as well, cancelling out any additional income you will be making. So no matter what solutions society is putting in place to help you save money, remember it all starts with you.