Spring Financial Thaw

Spring forward
Trapped under winters grip for months on end, it’s understandable that Canadians as a whole miss summer. This is why once winters grip releases its hold, we spring into action. Our blog this week will be focused on the dos and don’ts of renovating. Our main focus will be to give you what you’ll need in order to succeed in your desired renovations, without having to worry that your credit will need its own set of reparations afterwards. Before renovating, ask yourself these three questions. A) Do I have enough money? B) Will this improve the look/quality of my home? C) Will this increase the resale value of my home?
When making your budget, remember these tips:
• Leave room for unforeseen expenses
• Be ready for damages & repairs
• Leave room for overages
• Minimal changes once your project is in progress
• Stick to your limit

So maybe planning your own DIY project isn’t as easy as it seems, but it doesn’t have to be mission impossible. Before you go ripping into your toolbox, remember the golden rule: Measure twice, cut once. Your budget is a key piece to your renovating puzzle, in turn deciding the success of your entire project.
Another key element dictating the success of your project is knowing what is best to do yourself (DIY), and what to leave for the professionals. Examples of this include electrical and most plumbing work. When deciding whether or not to hire a professional, remember to do your research beforehand. Visit sites like Angeslist.com to ensure you’re getting a reliable contractor.
Keep in mind, these are just a few tips, but it doesn’t stop here! Keep looking around for more great tips to help ensure your renovations last time test of time.