Our obsession with coffee


Our obsession with coffee

Its official, our great nation is addicted to coffee.  Over half of the adult population the U.S have admitted to consuming it each and every morning, making it one of the most consumed drinks on the planet, right behind water and pop.  Statistics show that 52% of people would rather go without a shower in the morning than give up coffee (gross!!).  This is probably because we’ve been drinking it for so long that our bodies now require it to properly wake up in the morning.  With coffee being this popular, it’s no wonder coffee shops are popping up on every street corner across both Canada and the U.S.  We’ve constructed a graph to show you just how expensive or inexpensive coffee can be based on your preference.


This graph represents coffee prices and consumption on a 30 day basis.  This price includes the cost of sugar and coffee whitener. Deduct 12$ from your total cost if you are a dark coffee drinker.


Type                   Total Cost                    Price per cup


Homemade     ——        $21.06 / Month               Price per cup = $0.32

Keurig (fancy)     —–    $57.21 / month             Price per cup = $1.87

Tim Hortons – —–        $48.00 / month               Price per cup = $1.60

Starbucks –       —–        $105.00 / month            Price per cup = $3.50

Starbucks Specialty —$150.00 / month         Price per cup = $5.00

McDonalds –       —–     $45.00 / month             Price per cup = $1.50

Mcdonald’s Specialty – $90.00 / month         Price per cup = $3.00

As you can see, depending on how much disposable income you have, you can find ways to keep more money in your pocket.  So if you’re limited to a tight budget and love your coffee, start making it at home.  Just changing from Starbucks regular coffee to homemade coffee can be a savings of $84.00 monthly. Over a year, you would have $1008.00 in savings.  That alone could pay for your vacation.  Stay tuned to our blog for more great ways to save your money and keep it in your piggy bank instead of someone else’s.