Managing Single Parenthood on a Budget

Are you a single parent finding it difficult to manage your money, in debt or constantly behind on bills? You are not alone. As a single parent in college there are many challenges. On top of the many stresses single parents go through on a daily basis, finances must be one of the hardest struggles of being a single parent on a single income. Currently hydro and natural gas rates are increasing. No one ever seems to realise the impact it has on single parents who are struggling enough to get by as it is. Dealing with these changes can take weeks or months to get back on track.

Working part time, you can take a student loan to make sure all your bills are covered for the next 6 months of living expenses. Using a student loan to pay for living expenses relieves the stress of making sure that the bills were paid while in school. Use the work income for day to day expenses. With the spike in hydro my bill went from $64 to $449 in the span of 3 months, and this came out of nowhere because they insisted on taking me off equal billing every month as they felt they would owe me a large credit at the end of the year. With the threat of disconnection I didn’t know who to turn to. Of course there are many community resources or social assistance programs to turn to, but most of the time they don’t consider you “low income”, but try to judge your situation like they have lived it. Yes when you live in social housing it is usually geared to your income, but your bills aren’t and some months are more expensive than renting a regular priced establishment.

Finding myself with very minimal income left over, I had to find a short term solution to help me bridge the gap. So I decided to go to Accessible Cash to take out a payday loan which I felt was the best thing to do.  Accessible Cash has been a life changing experience in a sense I didn’t just walk out of there with a payday loan, but walked out of there with a new perspective on my current financial situation. Accessible Cash is a short term lender that assists their clients with a great budgeting plan. They sat me down and showed me new ways I can keep money in my pocket. So even though they lent me money, they were also trying to show how I don’t have to get stuck in the cycle of payday loans just because I needed a quick solution to my problem.

Accessible Cash is a different short term lender. They can help you but only if you want to help yourself. Everyone’s financial situation is different, but if you ever take a loan with Accessible Cash, they will teach you pay back your loan in a responsible way without you having a life time of debt with payday loan lenders. Accessible Cash has proven that taking a short term loan responsibly has no negative impact on your credit.