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Accessible Cash is committed to our community’s future growth and development. We are a proud sponsor of sports teams, charities, foundations and fundraisers. Annually we become a part of something bigger and better than the previous year.

Proud to Sponsor

steering Accessible Cash has been proudly sponsoring the kidney foundation for the
past two years through the Steering Towards Hope fundraiser. We have
helped support those who suffer from kidney related illnesses through
community events such as barbeques, fundraisers, giveaways, food drives etc.
We take pride in giving back to the community, and we will continue to
support those around us who are in need. See our
facebook page for more information and photos on our events.
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softball For over 6 years now, Accessible Cash has been sponsoring the ‘Ladies
Softball League’ of Blackburn Hamlet. Our goal is to promote healthy
living and exercise and with so many kids and adults staying inside, it is
our goal to encourage people to get involved! We sponsor the softball league
so the players don’t have to stress about the financial side of the game,
rather just the fun and active side of it. If you’d like to know more about
joining the league, or just to check out pictures, feel free to
Visit and Like our Facebook to see more photos.
hornets Accessible Cash was proud to sponsor our local soccer club, the Gloucester
Hornets. We aim to push our community to be healthy, active and outgoing.
The way we do this is by sponsoring local clubs to ease the financial
burden that many sports can have on your wallet. In doing this we see kids
that are not inside, but outside, having fun and best of all… being healthy!
blues Here is just one more example of how Accessible Cash has shown their
commitment to our community and especially the kids that are within in. The Gloucester Orleans Blues hockey team were very thankful of our support and
encouragement. Our sponsorship meant that more kids would be able to
participate, and more would be a part of a team. This means an incredible
amount to not only the kids, or their parents, but to us, at Accessible Cash.


192824_475202662503931_853420682_o Accessible Cash has always been a proud supporter of growth in our
community, through any way possible. Community involvement is not only
what we do, is part of who we are at Accessible Cash. For years now, we
have shown support to so many great organizations and fundraisers. From
youth sports teams to food drives for the Ottawa Food Bank, we are a very
active promoter of healthy living and community involvement. Accessible Cash
has promoted food drives with things like, giveaways and prizes for the most
donations. Our team has not only raised not only food and money donations,
but we have also raised the spirits of those who are less fortunate. Our
community means a lot to Accessible Cash and that is just one of the
reasons we’ve decided to continually support organizations that are
making a difference.
1965064_743004319057096_1471664765_n In 2013, Accessible Cash was a proud sponsor of Carling Motors annual golf
tournament. The event was a huge success; Accessible cash was able to be
a part of raising awareness and donations for the Down Syndrome Association.
We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the community
that we serve. Accessible Cash is committed to more than just providing a convenient financial service to our community, we are committed to
helping that same community grow and prosper. The way that we make this
possible is by helping support local charities and foundations, such as the
Down Syndrome Association of Canada.

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