Apply for a Payday Loan

This Declaration Page is Required Under the Payday Loans Act 2008


Our cost per $100 Borrowed is $15

For Example: If You Borrow a $500 loan for 14 days.

Amount advanced $500.00 Plus The Cost of Borrowing $75.00

=Total to Repay $575.00 (390%)

apply online payday loan

Yes, I agree and want to apply for a payday loan

Your cost of borrowing may vary according to the amount advanced. The Payday
Loan Act states you can borrow a maximum of $1500 or up to 50 percent of your net pay.


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“Educational materials about the payday lending industry, financial planning, the Payday Loans Act and the regulations that the Registrar approves are available upon your request and we will immediately provide such information to you upon your request”