Accessible Cash ™ provides a personalized Payday loan service in a relaxed
and comfortable atmosphere.

“We want to help you deal with your confidential financial situation.”

We want to help YOU deal with YOUR situation, stressful or not. We WILL DO OUR best to teach YOU how to use the short term credit properly and safely”. Cash Advance Payday Loans from Accessible Cash ™ are meant to be short-term. They run an average of two weeks. “We’re not a form of monthly money management, but rather a quick-fix solution to a YOUR specific SITUATION. “We know what it’s like when something unexpected happens and you’re put in a tight financial bind. That is what we are here for.

At Accessible Cash ™ there are no credit checks – Your Job is your credit. We never have hidden fees – Only $15 per $100 borrowed and nothing more on any loan. Accessible Cash ™ never discusses your loan with your employer or friends – Privacy is secure. We don’t hide behind cold glass – The staff at Accessible Cash ™ are friendly and understand your situation. We can offer budgeting advice to help you get out of debt sooner.

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Unlike other payday loan companies, we strive to help you and your business be financially successful

“Getting trapped in the payday loan cycle is easy.”
This statement is very true and here at Accessible Cash ™ we see it on a regular basis. Clients don’t always follow their budget and are enticed into taking a payday advance that is more than they can afford. This leaves clients struggling financially for that pay period, in turn forcing the client to borrow again and again.

“We’ll help you get out of that cycle.”
Accessible Cash ™ does not believe in being this type of lender. When consumers are in financial distress, they do not always make smart decisions on their financial responsibilities. We are here to ensure that you can repay your loan with us and still maintain your cost of living expenses.

“Our goal is NOT to put you in financial distress; it’s to help you be better with your money, by
Changing your payday experience.” ™

“Educational materials about the payday lending industry, financial planning, the Payday Loans Act and the regulations that the Registrar approves are available upon your request and we will immediately provide such information to you upon your request”

Accessible Cash ™Customer Service Policy – Download  our policy